Peit is one of the top guitarists in Thailand.  His solos are stunning and his interpretations of the rock classics areoutstanding.
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The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht. Check out the current exchange rates. I strongly recommend you avoid changing money before you arrive - the exchange rates at the airport banks on arrival are far superior to the rates that you will get in your own country and it just goes to show what a rip off foreign exchange business is for tourists who don't know any better. No wonder in the UK the banks and UK Airport Foreign Exchange booths make obscene amounts of money out of the ignorance of travellers. When you arrive at Bangkok International you will find a bank inside the customs hall. Change your money before you look for your ground transportation. Here is a good source of current rates 

Pattaya is about 90 miles south of the new Bangkok International airport. There are bus services between the airport and Pattaya but these do not operate in the evening and at night. For information on these check this out. You could take the official airport limo service which will probably set you back around 2,300 Baht including expressway tolls but I would recommend you pre-book a taxi from Pattaya using the Pattaya 4 Leisure website where you car will only cost you 1200 Baht**  and the driver will meet you off your flight outside the customs hall with a sign displaying your ame and take you right to your hotel door.Please tip the driver well - I usuall give then 300 Baht.  They also offer service to U-Tapao for 1,000 Baht. **Rates checked March 2016. There are two distinct parts to Pattaya for the tourist. North Pattaya is more peaceful and is home to many of the plush hotels in the $100 -$400 US a night range, while in South Pattaya it is much wilder, home to more of the budget style accommodation and is the area for the best nightlife and it is the location of the original Walking Street. Official Pattaya Website

Walking street, the home to the Climax Band is also the centre of nightlife with great restaurants, girlie bars and live music. Located at the Southern end of Pattaya, Walking Street is closed off to traffic from 7pm and usually does not reopen tiil around 2am when the most of the bars are supposed to close. Certainly they turn the lights and music down! The Thai police have a special Tourist Police Squad and Volunteer Police who patrol the area and have done an excellent job in clearing out undesirables in the last couple of years. They are tolerant but not to the point of drunken abuse. They also have several undercover officers disguised as tourists to keep an eye on things.

The budget price hotels will give your rooms in the range of $20 - $50 US a night - some are even cheaper but may have poor air conditioning and questionable security. I stay at  the Diamond Beach Hotel - Their booking web seems to be working again but if you have any problem then email the hotel , or at Secrets in Soi 14 which offers excellent rates and has great staff

The Thai society is extremely polite. Do not say anything to offend the Thai Royal Family who are held in great respect. To be a big hit with your Thai friends try and learn just a few words in their language. They will love you for it.

Do not in any way get involved with drugs in Thailand. The penalties are severe and life in a Thai prison is not the way to extend a holiday.

There are many websites giving information about Pattaya. Check out the official Pattaya site for a good overall description of the resort.  I also recommend you check out the original local English Language weekly paper on line - The Pattaya Mail or

Your departure tax is now included in the price of your ticket. For information on the Bangkok airport please check the Official Airports of Thailand Site

Official Pattaya Website
Pattaya Mail
Pattaya-U-Tapao Airport
Bangkok Airways

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Dive Lessons, Fun Diving & Snorkeling in Pattaya.
For the latest travel and safety advice from the UK Government for visitors to Pattaya  and Thailand especially regard to respecting the period of mourning following the death of the King please click on the link below.
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Music Types covered include Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Guns 'N' Roses, UFO, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Radiohead
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Hottie's Coyote Club in Pattaya, Thailand.
Coyote Club in Pattaya, Thailand. Hottie's Coyote Club. Sexy coyote dancing Thai girls. Top entertainment venue in Pattaya City.

The Daokai bar. Beer Bar Pattaya, Thailand.
Daokai beer bar Pattaya, Thailand. The Daokai bar beer Pattaya, located at the second road in the center of Pattaya.

Penthouse Hotel - Pattaya
To contact Steve, the bossman at Utopia please E Mail:
Promo for Utopia when the old line up of the Climax Band were playing there
Videos from the Toy Bar Days
Peit and the Silver Ashtray
Another Brick in the Wall Intro 2012
Sweet Child O Mine
Peit's Amazing Fingers
From 26th NOVEMBER 2015 THE BAND MOVED FROM UTOPIA to  THE TOI BAR on No 2 Road opposite BIG C Shopping Centre between Soi 2 and SOi 3.
The band appears nightly from 11pm till 4am. Various local musicians and audience members join them. Some nights they can appear at other venues.
FOR UPDATED INFO   Check out the band's new Facebook Page  You can contribute your own photos and comments to this. The band line up is quite fluid and can change from night to night but Pek NokZaak is normally there every night. The Facebook Page relies on updates from visitors.  However the links on this wesbsite are checked and updated on a regular basis.
Video Archives of the Climax Band Featuring Their Old Line Ups
Website updated April 2017
Peit (Peak NokZaak) on Guitar                Jun on Bass                                 Loy on Drums Webutation
New Videos of the Band at Utopia from Oct 2015 on the band's new Facebook Page

Older YouTube Videos
Another Brick Intro

Peit's Solo Selections

The Final Countdown

We Are the Champions
No Woman No Cry (No Tip!)
A Bit of Blues from Peit
and the Band
Pattaya Central  - Day Tours from Pattaya

My name is Alexii Wang , but most people call me Lexi, The manager/owner of   I was born in Surin, North Thailand and came to Bangkok at the age of 18 to study at the university of Bangkok. I was able to obtain my hospitality/service degree majoring in hotel operations. After moving to Pattaya and working in diverse roles such as guest service adviser at the Ravindra beach resort and spa and Guest service/front desk clerk  at the Hilton Pattaya, I went back to school to obtain my tour Guide accreditation. I then worked as a tour guide/agent mainly catering to the Russian market here in Pattaya for 3 years.  Then finally we decided to create our own business in June 2013 after obtain our license from TaT (Tourism Authority Thailand) we have not looked back… Our focus is on providing Western practices/efficiency  with Thai hospitality.   Look forward to meeting you soon.