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Archives from the old Climax Bar (now closed) in Walking Street from 2007. Click on the thumbnails below to check out live performances from the Climax Band at the Climax Rock Bar, Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand.

Smart Dressed Solos from Peit  click on the pic for the video
The Utopia Climax Band Live
HD Quality Live Performances from the Climax Band as hosted by YouTube  
Archives from the old band

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Another Brick
Introduction Part 1

One of their classic interpretations feature the guitar solo talents of Peit on lead, Ritche on drums, Jun on guitar and Mann on bass
Thai Song

The Utopia Climax Band with guest Thai singer performing a wild Thai song

Jun on Lead
for La Bamba

The Utopia Climax Band perform their take on La Bamba featuring Jun on Lead Guitar.
Utopia Climax Wigs and Cardboard Guitars

Two mystery guitarists join the Utopia Climax Band with cardboard guitars in an amazing air guitar style

Freebird Solos

The Utopia Climax Rock Band featuring Peit on lead guitar with his solo interpretations of the classic Freebird.
Utopia Climax Brick
Part 2

The Utopia Climax Band in the Utopia Lounge, Walking Street Pattaya, Thailand with part 2 of their stunning interpretation of Another Brick in the Wall.
Another Brick intro with Steve Young acting as live guitar stand for Peit

In this version of their intro to Another Brick in the Wall, Steve Young the owner of the Utopia Loinge helps star guitarist Peit by becoming a human guitar stand