The old Climax Rock Bar and Restaurant in Walking Street closed in December 2007 .

Steve Young gave the band a  new home in 2009 at the
Utopia Lounge in Soho Square, Walking Street, Pattaya.
In November 2011 the band left Utopia
In September 2012 the band were resident at the Toy Bar on Second Road
On 1st September 2014 the band returned in a new line up to UTOPIA
The Roll Factor Band
Zea, the singer with the Roll Factor Band has quit playing at Rock City Patong Beach, Phuket after 5 months of playing the same songs! 

She is working on new material with her band and is looking for opportunities to perform outside Thailand.

Zea has her own page on My Space. 

Singer Aey

She now has her own band and now appears at the DJ Bar in Soi 8
This is Aye's archive from the Climax Bar
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The Kitchen Zone at the old Climax Bar served great food
The Staff that Used to Greet You at the Climax Bar
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I have been following Peit and his band for several years now when I came across them at the now closed Climax Bar in Walking Street, Pattaya. When the Climax Bar closed, Steve Young gave them a new home further along Walking Street at UTOPIA. This continued for some time till Peit and Steve had a disagreement and the band left this lucrative residency to appear at various bars in Pattaya before settling in at the Toy Bar on Second Road. Richie, the original drummer with the Climax Band, passed away Thursday 28th November 2013. He was a lovely guy and I miss him lots.
Though Steve Young and Peit had their disagreement they kept in touch and Steve invited Peit to return to Utopia with a new band starting on 1st September 2014. Jun who has been Peit's Bass Guitarist for the last 15 years has decided to not to join them as he will concentrate on his day job as a teacher but he told me he will pop in from time to time to Utopia for guest appearances..   Mr John, Webmaster August 2015